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Brass Hardware Characteristics and Its Types

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What do you know about brass hardware? What material is used to make this hardware? Brass is actually a metallic alloy that is made of zinc and copper.

The amount of zinc and copper used to make brass may vary. This creates various kinds of brass alloys. Learn about the characteristics of hardware made of brass before purchasing any of it.

Characteristics of Brass

Each type of hardware has its own characteristics. Brass hardware also has some characteristics you need to learn. This way, you’ll figure out whether this is the right hardware you’ve been looking for.

Brass has at least six characteristics you need to know. It is crucial to learn about the characteristics if you are planning to get this hardware. Below are detailed characteristics of brass.

  1. Malleability of brass

Brass comes with higher malleability compared to some other materials like zinc or bronze. The melting point of brass is lower, between 1,650 and 1,720˚F.

With the high malleability and melting point that is lower, brass becomes easier to cast.

  1. Soft versus hard

Brass may be considered soft or hard. It is dependent on the zinc and copper’s proportions. Each material used to make brass hardware will affect the texture of brass.

  1. Brass density

The density of brass also varies. It can be 8.4 grams while the others can reach up to 8.73 grams per cubic centimeter.

  1. Color of brass

People know brass as a hardware that has the color of gold. Even though it doesn’t contain gold, the look is similar to real gold.

  1. Brass recyclability

You can separate brass from any ferrous scrap by using a powerful magnet. It makes brass hardware become ferromagnetic. Brass is going to be collected before being recast into billets.

Then you can modify the size of billets, depending on what you are going to use them for. You can also recycle about 90% of brass alloys.

  1. Application of brass

Brass is an ideal material to make bearings, locks, doorknobs, and gears. Brass is also a material to make zippers, musical instruments, buckles, and other similar hardware.

Since brass is a super durable material, it becomes an ideal material to create long lasting products.

Brass Hardware Product Preview

Various Types of Brass Hardware

Brass comes in various types. They all have different looks and tones. If you are looking for quality brass for your home, you need to learn about the available types.

Then you will be confident in deciding which product is the best for your home. Below are the types of brass you need to know. Don’t shop for any brass products before learning about these brass types.

  1. Satin brass

Some people have mistaken satin brass with brushed brass. Both of them have similar finishes but there are differences. Brushed brass comes with brush marks that are more distinct.

Satin brass comes with matte finish that is smooth and subtle but bold at once. This brass doesn’t show water spots or fingerprints. Besides, satin brass will also resist tarnish.

The bright and warm satin brass will be perfect in contemporary and modern rooms. Even though it has a bright and warm tone, satin brass doesn’t look gaudy.

  1. Antique brass

Designers of antique brass create this brass hardware with the aged look. This kind of brass usually has a rich shade in deep brown color. It also has golden undertones.

The finish of this brass is warm with low luster. Antique brass has a similar look to natural brass. But because of its finish, antique brass won’t tarnish or patina.

If you have vintage style rooms like colonial rooms or Victorian rooms, antique brass hardware will be the best option.

  1. Polished brass

Polished brass is highly reflective, shiny, and bright at once. This kind of brass has been a classic choice forever. Are you a busy homeowner who doesn’t have enough time to clean?

Then you will love polished brass. It is totally easy to clean, highly visible and easy to find. But this kind of brass is going to show water spots, fingerprints, and damage compared to the matte ones.

Polished brass is the best option to decorate your traditional rooms.

  1. Weathered brass hardware

Weathered brass is like the antique one. But weathered brass comes in a lighter color than antique brass. Designers of weather brass create it with a used and aged look.

You won’t find any weathered brass that has a new and shiny look. This brass type is visually interesting. It will also resist water spots and fingerprints.

Some designers even add damage and scratches to make this brass look more appealing. Weathered brass is the perfect hardware for steampunk and vintage rooms.

  1. Burnished brass

This type of brass hardware has the beauty of polished brass that is so bright. But it also has the awesome look of weathered and antique brass. Burnished brass has a warm tone and polished look.

But burnished brass is also slightly browned and textured at once. Burnished brass has a rich and golden color. The color makes it look shiny but won’t make it look reflective.

The color of burnished brass can also continue to patina. But it is dependent on the technique of burnishing that is used during the making.

Burnished brass is an ideal option for traditional rooms and contemporary rooms.

  1. Matte brass hardware

The word matte here doesn’t refer to any specific finish. But this word encompasses the non-shiny finishes. You can find the finishes of antique, satin, weather, and brushed brass in matte brass.

Matte finish is getting more popular today. This finish allows the richness or beauty of the brass to shine and stand out. But the finish won’t make the brass look overly shiny or dated.

Matte brass has the effect of being warm and subtle at once. The unique fact about this brass is you can use matte brass in all rooms.

  1. Unlacquered brass

This unique type of brass hardware has a living finish. It means the brass’ finish will change with use and time. You don’t need to worry about water spots or fingerprints with this brass.

Unlacquered brass is going to show wear after years. The spots in brass you touch will always stay shiny. The raw brass comes with a rosy and warm color. You can polish this brass with a brass cleaner.

Brass cleaner is going to help you bring back the shine of unlacquered brass. However, regular maintenance is required if you want to get a uniform look.

Over time, unlacquered brass is going to wear. This will look dirty if you have it in the contemporary and edgy rooms.

Brass Finish Types

Brass hardware is an amazing option if you want an elegant look. This hardware has the color of gold. Various types of brass allow you to use it in almost any interior design. Which one is the right brass for your own?


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